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Iris Frequently Asked Questions

How should I plant my Iris?

Bearded iris are easy to grow, but you do need to know a few specific requirements when planting them in your garden. First, bearded iris bloom best in full sun-the more the shade, the less the bloom. Second, never bury the clump deeper than it is in the container. In fact, you should be able to see the tops of the rhizomes (the thickened stems) as they grow. Third, they do best in well drained soil. If you have a compacted soil or heavy clay, plant them in small mounds. Lastly, do not fertilize bearded iris with high nitrogen fertilizers! It will kill the bloom. Instead, use a low nitrogen fertilizer like a 2-10-10. Adding bone meal in the fall is a great way to get more bloom and re-bloom from your iris.

Why isn't my iris blooming?

If your iris isn't blooming at all in the spring then you probably have one of several things going on. First, it could be in too much shade. Second, high nitrogen fertilizer may have been added to your garden. Third, the clump may have been in the same spot undisturbed for too long. We recommend thinning out and replanting your iris every 5 years or so. They do tend to get crowded, and this can limit bloom over time.

Why isn't my iris re-blooming?

If it isn't re-blooming in the fall you may need to fertilize your iris in mid-summer with a low nitrogen fertilizer like 2-10-10 and begin weekly watering in August. This will break the summer dormancy they typically go into. The more actively growing they are the better they will re-bloom in the fall.

Do bearded iris make good cut flowers?

Bearded iris do make good cut flowers, but a few things need to be known. Like all cut flowers, using a floral preservative is best. Each flower lasts 3 days, so after an iris flower begins to wilt and close up at the end of that time, just pinch it off of the stem. The younger buds will continue to open. Here is something to keep in mind: if the spent flowers are not pinched off they will drip an ink-like liquid and stain whatever is underneath. So don't neglect to do this part. We have found that iris stems can continue to open new flowers for up to 2 weeks, so they are worth the extra effort.
Hellebore Frequently Asked Questions

How much sun or shade can they tolerate?

Hellebores are more versatile than most people are aware of, but they do best under certain circumstances. If you live in an area where summers are mild (along the coast or in higher elevations) they will do well in full sun or deciduous shade (under trees that lose their leaves in the winter). If you live in an area where the summers are long and hot, then they will do best under light shade or deciduous shade.

Are Hellebores truly deer resistant?

Yes, they are. All parts are toxic if ingested, and deer do not eat them. This has made them all the more popular for obvious reasons. How many flowers have you already fed to the deer in your garden?

When should I cut back my Hellebores?

Although this is not a requirement, most knowledgeable horticulturists recommend cutting your Hellebores back to near the ground every fall. This may sound drastic to you, but they bounce back quickly and present a cleaner look the next season.

Do Hellebores make good cut flowers?

Hellebores make great cut flowers! Since they have relatively short stems, it is better to have shorter vases for them or to merely float them on top of water. If a proper floral preservative is used, Hellebores can last for up to 2 weeks after being cut.
Daylily Frequently Asked Questions

How should I plant my daylily?

Daylilies are generally easy to grow, but to maximize their blooming ability a few things should be followed. First, plant them in full sun. The less sun they get the less they will bloom. When setting into the garden, be sure to incorporate planting mix/organic matter into the soil along with a well balanced fertilizer. We recommend something like 10-10-10.Don't let daylilies go too dry. They prefer consistent water and good drainage. If they go too dry, they will stop blooming. Also, even though most but not all of our daylilies are evergreen, we recommend cutting them back to just a few inches every year in late fall. This way all the growth the following spring will be clean and fresh.

Should I remove the spent flower stalks?

We do in our garden. But don't try to pull them out. You will most likely pull out some of the plant if you do. Just take a pair of pruning clippers and cut it off near the base.

Do daylilies make good cut flowers?

Unfortunately, they do not. The flowers open in the full sun. Indoors the flowers close up. You will have to enjoy your daylilies right where they are in your garden.

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