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Narrow Escape

Nov 20, 2014
I just wanted to write a short message about what happened this week to me.

While I was driving home on Monday the 17th a man driving a pickup truck crossed the center line at a 45 degree angle and plowed into me head on. It turns out he had blacked out and passed out. In that state he turned hard to his left and accelerated. I had no where to escape. I was pushed off the road, over a curb, and down a slope into a tree.

I was able to crawl out through the windoor in the back of my truck and get out (the truck was smoking at this point). The other driver and his wife were already out of their truck and able to walk away. When I interviewed the other driver the wife admitted to me that her husband had a condition where he passes out when he has pain in his body. Just prior to the accident he said to his wife that his head hurt. Question: why was he driving!!!!

My truck was totaled. I imagine so was his. I have since discovered that along with a nasty case of whiplash and a concussion, I also have some bleeding in my brain. It sounds worse than it is, but I was told to take it easy this week.

I expect to make a full recovery and be out and about next week. I'll be shopping for another truck I expect.


Christopher Chaney
Owner of Piedmont Iris Farm

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