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Ficus carica 'White Marseilles'

Deciduous fruiting fig tree producing a copious amount of 1 1/2" green figs turning slightly yellow as they fully ripen with amber/yellow flesh July through late September. The flavor of the fruit is sweet, mild, and juicy. This variety is also called Thomas Jefferson's fig as it was his favorite variety in his garden at Monticello, Va. We have also noticed that wildlife is often fooled by this fig into thinking it has not fully ripened yet when in fact, it is fully ripe and still a light yellow/green. Where it doesn't freeze hard, prune the tree every year to around 4-5' tall so that at picking time you can actually reach the fruit by hand. Otherwise, you may end up with a 20' fig tree that only produces food for the local wildlife. Plant in full sun. Give good drainage and average water. Do not let dry out when the fruit is ripening. USDA zones 7-9 in cold hardiness.

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