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Musa 'Dwarf Orinoco'

Evergreen clumping perennial fruiting banana that grows to only around 8' tall and is exceptionally cold hardy. To enjoy its fruit, the stem of the plant must be protected below around 20 F. Otherwise, it will freeze to the ground and regrow each year, but will not flower or fruit. Each stem flowers its second year of growth. Actually half banana and half plantain, Dwarf Orinoco can be cooked or eaten as a fresh banana. Plant in full sun to half day sun. Give good drainage and average water. Does not like to dry out when forming fruit. Support fruit stems to avoid breakage. Can produce up to 65 pounds of fruit per cluster! Feed with all purpose fertilizer in spring. After a stem fruits and has been harvested, cut that stem to the ground. Side shoots will quickly recover. USDA zones 7b-11 in cold hardiness.

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